Andrew Centofante

Creative Director & Digital Producer

A Creative Director & Digital Producer

Creative Director

I am a creative guy who knows media. I can cut through the clutter and connect your message with the people who need to hear it. I understand how different media platforms work and I can bring them together to create a strong foothold in the minds of your audience.

Digital Producer

I know how to execute. I can take a concept and make it into a reality. My skill set is wide and varied and, in most cases, I will be able to produce your media needs. In addition, I have the knowledge and resources to get almost any kind of media production work done.

Branding & Identity

I can create logo and brand systems that flow seamlessly across mediums. I know that branding is consistency of message and consistency of visual design. I can find your message and create the media needed to amplify it.

Video Production & Post Production

I can develop concepts , write scripts, and draw storyboards. I can produce entire shoots. I can direct both cast and crew. I know my way around professional HD cameras as well as DSLR cameras. I know how to light scenes as well as light and key green screen footage. I can create stunning motion graphics. I can output the final product to an assortment of media outlets.

Web Design & Development

I am able to structure and organize a web site from the ground up based on goals and content analysis. I am able to recommend technologies and platforms to ensure a functionally-relevant final product. I am able to design a web site based on brand and style requirements as well as create exceptional user experiences. I can code HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, JQuery and work within a number of content management systems.

Graphic & Print Design

I can create an assortment of print materials and I am well-versed in printing methods. I can execute a concept through style and typography as well as illustration, photography and photo retouching.