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Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji Fish Market

December 04, 2011 | By: Andrew Centofante | Tags: travel

This is the fish market where most of Japan comes to buy their fresh tuna and other fresh fish.  This is probably where the sushi I ate came from.  Every morning at the crack of dawn the auction starts and brokers come inspect and bid tens of thousands on the best quality fish.

We woke up later than we were planning, probably because we stayed up late getting lost after wandering around the Torinoichi festival.  This is were people come and buy decorative mini rakes that they put in their homes to “rake in the good luck”.  It was 5 am as we got dressed and headed out of our hostel to the subway.  By the time we actually got there it was closer to 6 and they had closed off taking any more visitors.  Apparently it is not a tourist attraction at all but a real working industrial area.  They only let a few tourists see the auction every day because they have had problems in the past of them interfering with the auction.  Defeated, we had heard that this is also where we could get the freshest cheapest sushi.  There was only one little area that we were allowed to walk in and it was lined with little shops and stands.  They were mostly selling industrial kitchen supplies and sushi knives.  The few sushi shops we found were really expensive and one had a line out of the door that I didn’t feel like waiting in.  It was so early that the sushi would have been a novelty I didn’t want to pay for.  We walked a little further and watched all of the workers cruise around in these little carts with giant steering wheels taking fish from one place to the next.

It was neat to see a working fish market but it really was not a place to just go and check out.  Unless you wake up even earlier than we did (or not sleep at all like a few others tried) I wouldn’t recommend it.



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