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Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls

December 07, 2011 | By: Andrew Centofante | Tags: travel


Our trip to Hawaii was incredibly short, less than 12 hours.  You would think after being at sea for 9 days straight they would cut us some slack and now we have to look forward to 9 more before we get to Costa Rica, but that is besides the point.  Hawaii is beautiful and the people are amazing.  It was strange being back in the states with out it really feeling like the USA at all.  Hawaii is so full and proud of their native culture that it just made you want to hear more.  Rainbow falls was one of the first stops on our tour of Hilo.  Our guide told us that swimming here is very dangerous, not because of the falls but because of the lava tubes that will suck you straight down into them.  Although it wasn’t the tallest waterfall I have seen on this voyage it definitely pumped out the most water.




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