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December 14, 2011 | By: Andrew Centofante | Tags: travel, wildlife

Monkeys were everywhere!  Once we were on the beach in Manuel Antonio white faced monkeys were on every tree, vine and picnic bench.  They were really close and seemed just as interested in us as we were them.  It was probably because some people were feeding them.  When we walked into the park we saw a picture of a dead monkey.  Its stomach had been opened and chunks of human food and plastic were inside of it.  “DO NOT FEED THE MONKEYS” was written largely on a sign and then talked about how harmful our food can be to them.  It made me sad to see tourists casually throwing the monkeys cookies and crackers without thinking of the consequences.  You could see the monkeys becoming more aggressive and it made sense that they were hanging out so close to us, waiting for some food.



They were really close and seemed just as interested in us as we were them.  It was probably because some people were feeding them.

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It was a good read here and I expect that film hits up to my expectations. I liked the reviews on the movie and soon will be getting the DVDs. I will get back to you with my review on the same.

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