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December 14, 2011 | By: Andrew Centofante | Tags: travel, wildlife

While we were driving out to Manuel Antonio our cab driver stopped near a bridge and told us to get out.  We followed him along side the highway and walked onto the narrow shoulder of the bridge.  Cars and trucks whizzed past as we looked over the edge and saw about 20 huge crocs basking in the sun.  These monsters, for whatever reason, just liked to hang out under this bridge.  That is what I really liked about lot of the countries we visited, wildlife would just be there.  No cages or attractions just a guide with some knowledge.  As we returned from our beach trip, we stopped again to look a the crocs.  This time two macaws were sitting in a nearby tree, eating almonds and squawking away.  They spread their red and blue wings, flying off into the sunset with a brilliant display of color.



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