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Cows in India

Cows in India

October 17, 2011 | By: Andrew Centofante | Tags: travel

Its true.  Cows roam free everywhere in India.  They are considered sacred and believed to be a symbol of the earth, giving freely of their milk without taking much in return.  In the more Metropolitan areas there are fewer, but in the rural areas, especially in Varanasi near the Ganges, there are cows on every street.  I was walking down one road heading towards the Ganges and I almost ran into one because it was just laying in the middle of the road.  They are big too.  Usually with some serious horns.  It was terrifying to have to walk next to and sometimes right behind them.  The people didn’t seem phased by it but I was afraid one might rear up and kick me.  One actually lunged at my friend Paula, which was really scary.  Otherwise they were calm, just laying around being sacred.



Is trash sacred ?
I see a lot of it laying around too !
How did cows being sacred get started I wonder…

From BarbieC on October 20, 2011


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