Andrew Centofante

Creative Director & Digital Producer


My work is My Passion

I am a hard worker. I seek knowledge as a lifelong learner. I seek experience as a professional. I am passionate about visual communication and connecting with real people. I am excited and endlessly intrigued about different media platforms and the technology available for communication. I know how to execute an idea, beginning to end. I love print and logo design, typography, web design, photography and especially video and motion graphics.

A Real Cool Dude

In my spare time I like riding my motorcycle, painting, solving puzzles and eating spicy Mexican food.

Andrew Centofante is currently

Working on some new projects and updating a few older ones

Andrew was

  • Spring is here, time to update the portfolio!
  • Very happy having pushed out a lot of new projects and now taking a much needed breather
  • Working on a New Promo for Semester at Sea
  • designing and coding the Tom Tom Festival website
  • Heading up to the cabin on Lake George in the Adirondacks
  • The Director of Brand Strategy and Integrated Media at Semester at Sea
  • Catching up on some fun projects that were on the back burner
  • Thinking about a big decision
  • home and preparing for the Christmas holiday!
  • The Videographer on Semester at Sea - Fall ‘11 Voyage
  • Packing and Gearing up for my trip around the world!
  • Working on a website for Resource Point
  • Working on a logo for Squid & Beard
  • working on some more videos for Semester at Sea
  • Adjusting to Life Back on Land!
  • The Videographer on Semester at Sea - May ‘11 Voyage
  • Working on the Dale Evens Film Project website
  • Working on the Vietnam Children’s Fund Website
  • Working on a Video about Dim Sum
  • Working on a Video about St. Patrick’s Day
  • On a Road Trip